Three cylinder dryer delivery

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       The three-cylinder dryer of Guote Equipment is an industrial dryer, mainly used for dry mixed mortar, yellow sand, cement plant slag, clay, quartz sand, coal gangue, mixture, fly ash, gypsum, iron Drying powder and other raw materials, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, casting and other industries. The dryers of Guote Equipment include single-cylinder dryers and three-cylinder dryers. The fuels they use are coal, oil and natural gas. The advantage of the three-cylinder dryer is that it occupies a small area, and its small size is larger. Energy, its output is greater and its energy consumption is smaller.


       The three-cylinder dryer adopts a three-pass operation mode, which has higher thermal efficiency and better use effect. The material enters the inner layer of the rotary drum of the three-cylinder dryer from the feeding device to realize downstream drying. The material is continuously lifted and scattered under the lifting plate of the inner layer to achieve heat exchange in a spiral manner. The material moves to the inner layer. The other end enters the middle layer and is counter-currently dried. The material is repeatedly pushed forward in the middle layer in a two-step-forward and one-step-back motion. The material in the middle layer fully absorbs the heat emitted by the inner roller and also absorbs the heat of the middle roller. At the same time, the drying time is extended, and the material reaches a very good dry state. Customers in need should contact us immediately!

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