GZP Sand making machine

GZP Sand making machine

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The production line features high output, high purity, no pollution, and low investment. The manufactured sand can be used in many industries such as glass, ceramics, foundry, and construction.

Machine sand production line mainly consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher (cone breaking), vibrating screen and belt conveyor, sand washing machine, centralized electric control and other equipment.In order to meet the different processing needs of customers, it can be equipped with cone crusher, dust removal equipment and so on.Large pieces of stone are sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing by the vibrating feeder.The coarsely crushed stone is sent to the sand making machine for further crushing by the belt conveyor;The finely divided stone is sent to a vibrating screen for screening by a belt conveyor.Sieving several different specifications of sand,The sand that satisfies the granularity requirement is sent to the finished product pile by the finished belt conveyor or sent to the finished product warehouse after being washed by the sand washer. The coarse particles are sent to the sand making machine by the return material belt conveyor to be broken again to form a closed loop.The finished product particle size can be combined and graded according to the user's needs. In order to protect the environment, auxiliary dust removal equipment can be equipped.




1. Large output and high efficiency.

2. The sand production rate is high, and the scientific discharge structure increases the sand formation rate to more than 90%.

3. The product has good iron removal effect, equipped with a multi-stage high-strength magnetic separator and a new type of compensation magnetic pole type magnetic system, so that the magnetic field strength is higher and the gradient is larger. The sorting effect is better.

4. The entire equipment structure is simple and reasonable, easy to operate, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

5. Environment-friendly and dust-free. The system is equipped with a high-efficiency pulse dust collector. The connection of pipes is used to smoothly connect the equipment for dust production. No dust spills in the production process and the environment is protected.



Working Principle

Feed requirements are less than 3cm, the material from the top of the equipment directly into the high-speed rotating turntable, at this time from the feed into the material and the surrounding into the material impact, stone hit stone, the formation of sand, you can get 4-120 qualified plate sand grain size.

Technical Parameters

Model                      Feed granularity      (mm)                      Product granularity   (mesh)                      Total power  (kw)
                      Dust removal area  (㎡)                      Rotating    Speed      (rpm)                      Productivity (t/h)
                      GZP180                      ≤50                      4-120                      110
                      100                      Variable speed                      7-9
                      GZP200                      ≤80                      4-120                      130
                      150                      8-12
                      GZP220                      ≤120                      4-120                      170
                      200                      10-15
                      GZP260                      ≤150                      4-120                      260
                      300                      15-20

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