R&D Team
R&D Team Technology Innovation Sustainable Development

Adopting talent strategy summarized as “train-recruit-cooperate-innovate” to attract a large amount of professional talents, and setting up a core development strategy of recruiting high-end talents and training technical elites.

The current R&D team is composed of leading veteran technical staff and later-joined talents with extensive experience of project design, implementation, operation and maintenance in the fields of power generation, new energy, heating and ventilation, energy conservation and so on. Up to now, a professionalized team mainly from IT department, energy management department and operation & maintenance department has been formed. Also we have invited authorities in various fields as long-term advisors who include the deputy chief engineer of CEPRI, the statistics director of CEC, experts in the operation of power economics, the CIO of Cleantech China, professors and doctoral supervisors from the Academy of Electrical Engineering and others to ensure our leading position in technology and going with correct development strategies.

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