GTBL wet silica sand procssing line

GTBL wet silica sand procssing line

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GUOTE glass sand washing plant is is to produce ultra-white Photovoltaic glass quartz sand and float glass quartz sand,The particle size and chemical composition requirements of two kinds of glass quartz sand are as follows:

Photovoltaic glass quartz sand>99.5<0.01<0.30.1-0.6mm>90%
Float glass quartz sand  >98.5<0.08<0.80.125-0.71mm>90%


The requirements for raw materials to produce glass quartz sand

There are two main raw materials for producing glass quartz sand, one is lump quartz stone, the other is natural granular silica sand, two kinds of raw materials through a series of processing technology, can produce glass sand to meet the requirements.


High product quality

It can effectively reduce the iron content of quartz sand. We have a wealth of experience in quartz sand production lines. The entire process is not only equipped with advanced iron removal equipment, but also controlled at the source to minimize the pollution of sand during processing.

Large quantity

The output is large, the product size is uniform, and the sand formation rate is higher. The entire production process is classified by drum screens, blocked, and classifiers for multiple times, which not only improves the efficiency of the production line, but also reduces the loss of raw ore, and controls the content of tailings.

high degree of automation

The production line process is carefully designed, and the advanced circuit control system is adopted, which not only saves labor but also lowers the operation threshold of the production line

Mature technology, energy saving and environmental protection

High purity and no pollution. Reasonable process equipment is adopted, which greatly saves electricity consumption and realizes zero discharge of sewage and dust

Working Principle

The general process flow is: raw ore----crushing----pre-screening-----grinding----desliming----coarse particle classification----fine particle classification----scrubbing----desliming---- gravity separation----magnetic separation----dewatering---finished Product" If the raw material is granular silica sand, there is no need for crushing and grinding, and it can be directly sent into the subsequent production process. The main purpose of quartz sand processing is to remove clay and other impurities, improve the content of quartz sand, reduce the content of Fe2O3 and impurities, and control the particle size in a certain range. Different raw materials, the use of processing technology will be different, typical glass sand production processing flow is shown as the following figure. 


Crushing & Grinding

The lump quartz stone should be crushed into 30mm particle size by jaw crusher and cone crusher, and then into the rod mill for grinding 



After grinding, the sand slurry enters the hindered settling machine to separate the coarse sand to return to the rod mill for regrinding, and the overflow enters the hydraulic classifier to separate the fine sand. In this way, the sand is separated out of a certain size range through hindered settling machine and hydraulic classifier, and then it can enter the next step of scrubbing and desliming system.


Scrubbing & desliming

The classified quartz sand enters the forced scrubbing machine to fully dissociate the impurities covered on the surface of the quartz sand, effectively removing the residual clay and impurities, and effectively removing the iron oxide material wrapped on the surface of the sand particles.


Magnetic separation

After scrubbing the iron material in sand shall be removed through the magnetic separation system. firstly using magnetic separator with medium magnetic field intensity to remove strong magnetic iron material, and then use high magnetic field intensity magnetic separator to remove weak magnetic iron material. Remove as much iron material as possible from the quartz sand.


Dewatering screen

It is used to wash and dehydrate the ore. Because the water content after the finished product is too high, it needs to be dewatered through a dewatering screen to reduce the water to a controllable range. 


Technical Parameters

Typical requirements for quartz sand in the industrial sector

Application fieldchemical compositiongranularityother requirements
SiO2Al2O3Fe2O3Upper limitMain particle sizeLower limit
Ordinary float glass≥98.5≤0.8≤0.080.710.71-0.1250.125  Refractory heavy minerals
Ultra-white photovoltaic glass≥99.5≤0.3≤ heavy minerals
Quartz glass≥99.98≤20ppm≤5ppm0.300.3-0.0740.74(OH-) content and other impurities
Ceramic glaze≥99.0≤0.5≤0.050.0740.074-0.045-Whiteness
Chemical packing≥99.5≤0.2≤, surface properties, shape
Electrician & Electronics≥99.8≤0.10≤0.0100.0300.020-0.005-Ion content, whiteness, shape, surface properties
Foundry industry≥98.0≤1.0≤0.10-Three sieve ratio≥75%-0.2Shape, mud content, refractoriness

Requirements of quartz sand for low iron glass (unit: wt%)

materialSiO2Al2O3 Fe2O3CaOMgONa2Co3 TiO2NaCl
Quartz sand≥98.55 ±0.3     ≤1.0  ±0.1≤0.01 ±0.001---≤0.1 ±0.1-

Quartz sand particle size requirements for low-iron glass production

     Particle size
Above 0.5mm  0.113-0.55mm<0.113mm

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