GTDZ Slurry electromagnetic separator

GTDZ Slurry electromagnetic separator

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GTDZ series electromagnetic sizing agent magnetic separator is the latest magnetic separation products developed by our company ,The background magnetic field reaches 1.5t ,High magnetic field gradient .

It can be equipped with a variety of special magnetic stainless steel media to meet the needs of different minerals in different regions

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  • Unique electromagnetic coil design and efficient cooling method?

  • The separation medium produces high magnetic field gradient, and the removal of iron is better

  • Fully automatic operation, low operating and maintenance cost

  • High pressure water positive and reverse washing, iron removal clean, no residue

Working Principle

When the excitation coil is energized, a high gradient strong magnetic field is induced on the surface of the sorting medium 3 in the sorting chamber. The pulp enters the separation chamber from the pulp inlet pipe 7 at the bottom of the equipment. The separation of magnetic and non-magnetic substances is completed through the absorption of magnetic substances in the pulp by the medium 3. The concentrate pulp is discharged from the equipment through the pulp outlet pipe 5. After the coil is powered off, the high-pressure water pump is used for flushing. The magnetic impurities adsorbed on the medium 3 are discharged from the equipment through the slag discharge pipe 8 to form tailings. The above work process is completed by the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve, the coil and the start and stop of the water pump controlled by the program automation, which can reliably and effectively complete the automatic operation of the equipment.


1 - excitation coil 2 - magnetic system 3 - separation medium 4 - pneumatic valve 5 - slurry outlet pipe 6 - escalator 7 - slurry inlet pipe 8 - slurry discharge pipe

Technical Parameters

Rated background field strength(T)1.50.8
Input voltage (ACV)380
Excitation current (DCA)≤220≤300≤360≤420≤510≤590
Rated excitation power (KW)≤80≤120≤130≤160≤210≤230
cooling methodOil-water compound
Magnetic cavity diameter (mm)5207801000125015002000
Feeding pipe size (mm)100150200200250300
Water pump motor power (KW)5.51118.518.53045
Processing capacity (m³/h)15-2530-4055-7070-9090-110110-140
Into the pulp concentration10-25%
Dimensions (mm)2700*3040*32003700*3100*38003550*3200*37204100*4000*42004300*4200*43505450*5150*6000

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