RCYD Self discharge iron separator

RCYD Self discharge iron separator

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RCYD series permanent magnet self-unloading iron remover is composed of high-performance permanent magnet core, discarded iron belt, geared motor, frame, roller and other parts, and is used in conjunction with various conveyors. Used to automatically remove 0.1-35 kg of ferromagnetic materials from non-magnetic materials. Its magnetic circuit adopts computer simulation design and perfect dual magnetic structure to ensure trouble-free long-term operation of the machine in harsh environments

It is suitable for removing iron from non-magnetic materials on belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, electromagnetic vibrating feeders, and unloading chutes. Excluding 0.1~35 kg of ferromagnetic materials, the permanent magnet system has a service life of more than 10 years


Simple operation and easy control

The control part can be interlocked with the belt conveyor to realize two modes of local manual control and centralized control


Strong adaptability, drum-shaped drum structure, with automatic correction function, fully sealed bearing seat, good sealing performance, can adapt to various harsh environments

High magnetic field strength, strong suction

The magnetic field strength is high, and the suction force is large. The magnetic circuit adopts computer simulation design, perfect dual magnetic structure, high magnetic field intensity, large gradient and large suction

Working Principle


Technical Parameters

modelBelt Width (mm)Lifting Height (mm)Strenght
Power (kw)Belt Speed (m/s)WorkingWeight(kg)Overall
RCYD-5500150> 60< 801.54.5Continuous7501900*735*935*950*753
RCYD-6600175> 60< 1201.5  9202050*780*1030*1100*753
RCYD-6.5650200> 70< 1502.2  12002165*780*1080*1200*888
RCYD-8800250> 70< 2002.2  14002350*796*1280*1300*1088
RCYD-10100300> 70< 2503.0  21202660*920*1550*1400*1335
RCYD-121200350> 70< 3004.0  33502860*1010*1720*1550*1515
RCYD-141400400> 70< 3504.0  44503225*1050*1980*1800*1755
RCYD-161600450> 70< 4005.5  62003350*1180*2160*1950*1850
RCYD-181800500> 72< 4505.5  81003580*1210*2450*2200*2130
RCYD-202000550> 72< 5007.5  97003800*1300*2700*2400*2410

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