GTGB Wet type plate magnetic separator

GTGB Wet type plate magnetic separator

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GTGB series permanent high filed strength magnetic flat type magnetic separator is our latest research and development of high gradient and high intensity magnetic separator equipment.

It is mainly used to 1.2 mm fine non-metallic minerals, such as quartz, feldspar and nepheline. Kaolin iron impurities removing purification, can also be used in red iron ore (hematite, limonite and siderite, etc.), manganese ore, ilmenite, wolframite variety of weak magnetic ore wet separation and black and white tungsten separation, black tungsten and tin separation.



1 .High-performance iron and boron as magnets, the magnetic circuit design is unique, the magnetic field intensity is high, the surface magnetic field strength can reach 15000GS,Enough to compare favourably with high gradient electromagnetic separator.

2.Compared to the other permanent magnetic separation of the magnetic field. Large scavenging area of magnetic field,the magnetic separation effect is better.

3.An adjustable panel slope.adjust the slope according to the material condition,achieve the best iron removal effect.

4.Adjustable belt speed frequency conversion,adjust the belt speed according to the material condition,achieve the best iron removal effect.

5.The conveyor belt is made of wear resistant canvas,the service life of the conveyor belt has greatly increased.

6.compared to other high gradient magnetic separator energy saving, power saving.

7.The equipment is equipped with a uniform feeding device;have magnetic device for automatic cleaning and adsorption of tailings .


Working Principle

The slurry enters the distribution device of the magnetic separator through the feeding pipe, and after fully dispersed, it is evenly sprinkled on the belt of iron removing which on the upper part of the magnetic plate.

 Under the action of gravity, the slurry flows downward along the inclined direction of the magnetic plate. The ferromagnetic material contained in the slurry is firmly adsorbed on the iron-removing belt under the strong magnetic field provided by the magnetic plate, the motor drive the belt to move upward along the direction of the magnetic plate, and at the same time, the adsorbed ferromagnetic material is brought into the iron removing area.

Washed by the flushing water and get into the tailing hopper for concentrated collection and the non-magnetic slurry continues to flow down the magnetic plate, and the inflow into the concentrate bucket for collection


Technical Parameters

Model    Capacity(t/h) Magnetic strength(GS) Slurry concentration(%) Belt speed(r/min)Power  (kw) Weight(t) Dimensions(mm)
GTGB-815 8-10 15000 10%-30% 2-8 1.1 1.2 1500X800X800
GTGB-1020 10-15 15000 10%-30% 2-8 1.8 1.6 2000X1000X1000
GTGB-1520 15-20 15000 10%-30% 2-8 2.2 3 2000X1500X1500
GTGB-1530 20-25 15000 10%-30% 2-8 3 3.6 3000X1500X1500
GTGB-2025 25-30 15000 10%-30% 2-8 4 4.5 2500X2000X1500
GTGB-2030 30-35 15000 10%-30% 2-8 5.5 5.6 3000X2000X1600


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