GDF series electromagnetic dry powder magnetic separator

GDF series electromagnetic dry powder magnetic separator

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GDF series electromagnetic dry powder magnetic separator used for?Removal of feeble magnetic oxides in non-metallic mineral materials such as ceramics, glass, refractories, etc. It can also be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries for material purification.There are two outlet at the bottom of the equipment : iron outlet and materials outlet?Each equipment all equipped an electro control cabinet.

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  • Thorough separation of iron powder

  • Easy to clean

  • Simple installation

  • High temperature material handling

  • Remove difficult to circulate

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Working Principle

When non-magnetic minerals are separated from the magnetic field, under the action of gravity, the minerals are well separated from the magnetic cylinder.

Feed the dry powder from the hopper,meanwhile make the separator state at the magnetizing and run a vibrator.After a period,stop feeding,cut off the magnetic device,run the other vibrator(keep the two vibrator running),poke the raffle of drain of material funnel into the iron discharge.Then discharge the magnetic material absorbed on the magnetic media relying on the vibrating force



Technical Parameters



High strength magnetic force
 GDF-150   GDF-250   GDF-300   GDF-150H   GDF-250H   GDF-300H 

Capacity (T/H)
5 15 20 5 15 20

Weight (kg)
200 400 450 800 1200 1400

Filter Net Outer Diameter (mm) 
145 245 295 145 245 295
Filter Net sheet Number
13 15 15 13 15 15

Insulation Oil Amount (L) 
18 50 50 60 70 70

Control Panel Size (mm) 
300*400*540 350*500*600

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