GF Air classifier

GF Air classifier

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The whole classification device consists of an air classifier, a cyclone collector, a pulse precipitator, a high pressure draught fan and an electric control cabinet. The air classifier is a forced classifier with two times of intake and vertical installation. Under the action of the suction fan gravity, the material enters and rises to the zoning under the action of the suction fan. Because of the high-speed rotation of the graded impeller rotor, the particles are not only subjected to the centrifugal force produced by the rotating impeller rotation, but also the centripetal force produced by the fan. When the centrifugal force of the particle is larger than the centripetal force, the coarse particles above the diameter of the particle are obtained. The stall along the wall of the cylinder drops along the wall, and the outside two wind passes through the inlet of the cone evenly, and the coarse particles are produced by the wind screen, and the fine powder which is mixed or adhered to the coarse material is separated clean. The coarse material after separation is collected and discharged by the unloading device. The fine powder below the grading diameter is collected with the gas solid two phase flow into the cyclone collector and the pulse duster. The gas after the purification is discharged by the air draught fan.


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Working Principle

The whole classifying device is composed of air classifier, cyclone collector, pulse dust collector, high-pressure induced draft fan, electric control cabinet, etc. The air current classifier is a compulsory classifier with secondary air intake and large-blade wheels installed vertically. When working, the material enters from the lower cylinder body under the action of the gravitational force of the induced draft fan and rises to the partition. Due to the high-speed rotation of the grading impeller rotor, the particles are subjected to both the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the grading impeller and the centripetal force generated by the induced draft fan. The centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force. The coarse particles above the grading diameter are thrown to the inner wall of the cylinder to stall and slide down the wall. The external secondary air enters through the air inlet evenly distributed on the cone to produce a wind screen for the coarse particles. The fine powder adhering to the coarse material is separated cleanly. The separated coarse material is collected by the unloading device and discharged from the classifier. The fine powder below the classification diameter enters the cyclone collector and the pulse dust collector with the air flow for collection, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.

Technical Parameters

 Model  Number of Plies    Screen Size (mm)   Screen Mesh    Feed Size (mm)   Capacity (t/h)   Power (kw)   Double Amplitude (mm)   Frequency (secondary / sub)    Sifting Angle (degree)  
GDS-612 1-5 600X1200 2-325 < 20 < 3 0.37X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-520 1-5 500X2000 2-325 < 20 < 5 0.37X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-525 1-5 500X2500 2-325 < 20 < 8 0.37X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-1020 1-5 1000X2000 2-325 < 20 < 12 0.75X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-1025 1-5 1000X2500 2-325 < 20 < 16 0.75X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-1030 1-5 1000X3000 2-325 < 20 < 20 1.1X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-1224 1-5 1200X2400 2-325 < 20 < 23 1.5X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-1525 1-5 1500X2500 2-325 < 20 < 28 1.5X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10
GDS-1530 1-5 1500X3000 2-325 < 20 < 32 2.2X2 6-10 1460/960 0-10

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