RCDD Suspended Overband Dry Electromagnetic Iron Separation

RCDD Suspended Overband Dry Electromagnetic Iron Separation

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RCDD series dry type self-discharging electromagnetic separator is a kind of iron removal device to automatically remove tramp iron in powdery or lump non-magnetic materials.

The RCDD series electromagnetic separator mainly Used for removing iron from any material on the conveyor belt before the crushing mill and it can also be used for any bad environment.

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1.Inside of the separator adopt with appropriative electrician resign pouring .

2.Self-cooled totally-enclosed structure.

3.It has the advantages of large penetration depth , strong suction , dustproof , rainproof and corrosion resistance.

4. It can still run reliably in extremely bad environment.

Working Principle

  • When the conveyed materials pass under the DC excitation coil, the magnetic pole with strong magnetic field will continuously suck up the ferromagnetic

    materials mixed in the materials, so as to achieve the purpose of iron removal.

  • When the transport iron belt moves through the belt and is adsorbed to the belt type electromagnetic disc, the magnetic force is lost, and the impurity

    iron enters the waste iron box to complete the iron removal operation. To protect the next

  • process equipment, the belt type electromagnetic iron remover is a powerful magnetic device, which is generated by the power of mixed materials in iron.

    After the iron is adsorbed, the iron can be automatically removed from the discharge belt,

  • It can effectively prevent the longitudinal scratch of the conveyor belt and protect the normal operation of the belt type electromagnetic equipment such

    as the crusher

  • The main structure of the belt type electromagnetic iron remover is composed of the belt type electromagnetic coil, magnetic core pole filling material,

    junction box, etc. Its working principle is that when the conveying material passes through, the magnetic

  • material with strong magnetic field will mix with the DC current and ferromagnetic material of the excitation coil in the material and continue to attract,

    so as to achieve the purpose of iron

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Technical Parameters

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