GTYL Oil fracturing sand production line

GTYL Oil fracturing sand production line

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Quartz is a fracturing proppant, which is a quartz sand product with good fracturing strength. It is mainly used for downhole support in oil fields to increase the production of natural gas and is an environmentally friendly product.

This product uses natural quartz sand as raw material, is a substitute for medium and low strength proppants such as ceramsite, glass balls, metal balls, etc., and has a good effect on increasing oil and natural gas.

Practice has proved that oil wells fracturing with quartz sand proppants can increase production by 30-50% and prolong the service life of oil and gas wells.


Quartz sand requirements for oil fracturing sand:

1. Specification: natural quartz sand, 0.212-2.18mm

2. Physical and chemical properties:

Density: 1.5-1.55g/cm3  Chemical composition: SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, etc.

3. Quality requirements of finished sand:

Particle size: Main products: 20-140 mesh



GUOTE equipment is aimed at the oil fracturing sand production line developed with spherical sand for fracturing sand, and has the following advantages:

1. Large output

2. High efficiency

3. Stable operation

4. Product particle size circle

Working Principle

The general process is: 

”raw ore - pre-screening - scrubbing - desliming - coarse particle classification - fine particle classification - magnetic separation - concentration - dewatering screen - dryer - screening - finished product”


1.Loader   2. Silo    3. Belt scale    4. Hoist    5. Vibrating screen   6. 1#Sand Scrubber  7.  2#Sand Scrubber    8. Slurry pump   9. Hydraulic classifier   10. Magnetic separator    11. Desilting bucket    12. Dewatering screen   13. Belt conveyor    14. Dryer    15. Hoist     16. Finished product silo


Technical Parameters

Eligibility Criteria

Test items unit of measurementTechnical indicators
Exterior //
Roundness dimensionless≥0.6
Sphericity dimensionless≥0.6
Above 1180um %≤0.1
Fall on 300um bottom sieve %≤1.0
The proppant is broken (stress 28MPa or 4K broken grade) %≤0.19.0
The average particle sizeum/
Apparent densityg/cm3/
Bulk densityg/cm3/
Dissolution density %≤7.0


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