Quartz sand wet production line

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  The Fujian customer's quartz sand wet production line is about to be installed. Thank you for your trust and support of Guote Equipment. Choosing Guote Equipment is a wise choice.

  Guote Equipment is an EPC general contracting service provider that integrates experimentation, design, production and installation. We have a professional experimental center, technology research and development, production and after-sales teams that can design our own unique quartz sand production lines for customers.

  The process flow of the quartz sand wet production line is "raw ore - coarse crushing - medium crushing - pre-screening - grinding - desliming - coarse particle classification - desliming - plate magnetic separator roughing - vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator fine Wet quartz sand is produced using the process flow of "selection - fine particle classification - dehydration".


  The forklift delivers the raw ore into the silo, and a conveyor is placed at the end of the silo. The raw ore coming out of the tail is evenly fed through the conveyor through the vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher (coarse crusher) directly below for preliminary crushing. Then, the produced coarse material is transported by the conveyor to the fine crusher for further crushing. The finely crushed stone enters the vibrating screen to screen out two types of stones and stones of different sizes. The large stones that exceed the specifications are returned to the fine crusher and are crushed again. broken.

  The materials under the screen enter the rod mill, and the materials coming out of the rod mill are classified by the cylindrical screen and returned to the rod mill on the screen. The materials under the screen enter the hindered settler and hydraulic classifier for classification. The graded finished products undergo iron removal by a high field intensity plate magnetic separator and a vertical ring high gradient intensity magnetic separator.

  The refined sand after iron removal is dehydrated in the desludging hopper and then pumped into the sand storage. Customers in need should hurry up and come for consultation!

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