Drum magnetic separator and spiral sand washing machine shipped

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        Xinjiang customers of roller magnetic separator and spiral sand washing machine delivery, as a professional quartz sand equipment EPC total contractor service provider, can do free experiments for customers. The roller magnetic separator has a wide range of application, suitable for strong magnetic minerals and non-magnetic minerals, which can be divided into countercurrent type, co-current type and semi-countercurrent type, with a magnetic field up to 8000 Gauss, which can be customized according to the situation of minerals. Speaking of magnetic separator, it is divided into many kinds, according to the difference between dry and wet magnetic separator can be divided into dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator, according to the magnetic can be divided into electromagnetic magnetic separator and permanent magnetic separator, according to the field strength can be divided into high field magnetic separator, midfield magnetic separator and low field magnetic separator. The drum magnetic separator belongs to the permanent magnet wet magnetic separator.


       There are many kinds of mineral sand washing equipment, such as quartz sand scrubbing machine, drum sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine. Quartz sand scrubbing machine is mainly used for the removal of clay and surface film iron in materials below 5mm, the drum sand washing machine is mainly used for the removal of soil in materials with large output and large particle size, and the spiral sand washing machine is generally mainly used for sand washing, classification, impurity removal and fine and coarse particle size material cleaning and other operations. The spiral sand washing machine has small power consumption and high cleaning degree. It has the characteristics of good sealing structure, durability, good cleaning and dehydration effect, and can carry out effective cleaning operations on sand and stone with serious mud impurities, and is often configured in large-scale sand production lines.

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