The scrubbing, dewatering and magnetic separation equipment is delivered

Date:2024-04-02 15:40:11  Click:  Author:Weifang GUOTE Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.


Northern customers ordered the delivery of scrubbing dehydration magnetic separation equipment, this delivery of equipment is quartz sand double-slot scrubbing machine, high-frequency vibration dewatering screen, vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator, is the national special equipment hot products are also the main products. Quartz sand double-slot scrubbing machine is mainly used for the removal of clay and film iron on the surface of materials below 3mm, which is used in the front end, generally after grinding, the pulp concentration requirement is 65%, and it is one of the necessary equipment in the fracturing sand production line. It is made of high wear-resistant anti-corrosion material lining board, can wear and corrosion resistance, long service life.


The high-frequency vibration dewatering screen is mainly to remove the water in the water-bearing material, which can reduce the water of 40%-50% in the material to 15%-20%. The wear-resistant polyurethane screen plate is used, which can prevent the pollution of iron impurities, and better improve the drying effect of the dryer behind it. It is the necessary dewatering equipment in the quartz sand wet production line and the fracturing sand production line. Vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator is mainly used for the purification of 20-140 mesh materials, not only limited to quartz sand and other non-metallic ores can also be used for limonite, siderite, manganese and other metal ores, the magnetic field can be adjusted, want to know more about the product content can ask national special equipment!

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