The plate magnetic separator is ready for delivery

Date:2024-04-22 10:20:16  Click:  Author:Weifang GUOTE Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.


The flat magnetic separator of foreign customers has been produced and ready to be shipped, the flat magnetic separator is famous for its high magnetic field of magnetic separation area, is a commonly used purification equipment for iron ore and non-metallic ore, the flat magnetic separator, as the name suggests, is a slope of the plate magnetic separation equipment, its magnetic separation area is large, large processing capacity, is a wet permanent magnetic separator, can be selected according to the output. The plate magnetic separator of Guote equipment has two kinds of midfield strength and high field strength, the midfield strong magnetic field is about 4500 gauss, and the high field strong magnetic field is about 15000 Gauss, which can be selected according to different materials and different requirements.


The material size of the plate magnetic separator is suitable for about 20-140 mesh, and the purification effect of the material in this interval is better. The working principle is that the material enters the plate magnetic separator from the hopper, the material inlet concentration is about 40%, the use of water to disperse the material evenly scattered on the plate, the plate is composed of a number of magnetic blocks, the magnetic separation effect is also closely related to the quality of the magnetic block, the belt is rotated from bottom to bottom countercurrent direction, Non-magnetic materials due to the impact of the water impulse and slope into the concentrate bucket, magnetic materials due to the impact of magnetic block suction, with the plate in the opposite direction, and finally in the non-magnetic area without magnetic attraction fall into the magnetic material collection port, more details consult national special equipment!

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